Protect loose wires and cables with our Kable Mats!

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Kable Mats

Kable Mat
  • Bright eye-catching border
  • Recess for cables and wires
  • Fully washable
  • Anti-slip nitrile rubber backing
  • Custom warning messages available

Size: 40 x 120cm

Kable-Mat (Plain)

Slips and trips are the most common cause of non-fatal injuries in both manufacturing and service industries and account for over half of all reported injuries to members of the public.

These cost employers over £300 million a year in injury claims, lost production and other costs. Employers can help reduce slip and trip hazards through good health and safety arrangements. Effective solutions are often simple, cheap and lead to other benefits.

The Kable-Mat is specially designed to reduce the likelyhood of a trip or fall injury where there are loose wires and cables.

Bright, eye-catching border graphics highlight potential floor level hazzards, while a containment recess in the back of the mat holds loose cables and wires in place. Manufactured with anti-slip nitrile rubber, this mat is suitable for most floor surface types.

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Kable Mat Care Label

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