Kushion-Koil™ is the ultimate anti-fatigue mat!

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Kushion Koil
Kushion Koil
Kushion Koil

Kushion-Koil™ is the ultimate anti-fatigue mat, developed for workplace environments where employees spend long periods standing. These areas are frequently the cause of fatigue and discomfort and can result in a reduced productivity.

Kushion-Koil™ is designed to provide a high degree of comfort where workers stand. The “Cushioning Coils” actively softens the impact of the floor surface and massages the feet

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  • Active comfort zones
  • 4 sizes available
  • Oil resistant
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Anti-slip nitrile rubber
  • Containment border
  • Standard Sizes
  • 85 x 75cm
  • 85 x 150cm
  • 85 x 300cm
  • 115 x 175cm
Kushion Koil Care Label

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